The Magic Door is a music project born from an idea of Giada Colagrande and Arthuan Rebis (Alessandro Cucurnia)

In October 2016 Arthuan and Giada decide to make an album inspired to Rome’s Magic Door (also called Alchemical Portal).

They write and compose seven songs, each about one of the seven epigraphs engraved on the door, an intro and an epilogue.

In the meantime Vincenzo Zitello joins the project, curating the arrangements and playing a variety of instruments.



Giada Colagrande

Italian film director, actress and singer.

Arthuan Rebis

Italian composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and writer.

Vincenzo Zitello

Italian Celtic harpist, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

with the collaboration of 

Glen Velez

American percussionist and composer, specialized in frame drums from around the world.







The theme of the album is Rome’s Magic Door (also called the Alchemical Portal).

The only alchemical monument in Italy, the Magic Door was built by the Marquis Massimiliano Palombara in his residence, Villa Palombara, vital center of esoteric Rome of the 1600's.

According to legend, a pilgrim was a guest of the villa for one night.

The Pilgrim, later identified as the alchemist Giuseppe Francesco Borri, searched the gardens of the villa all night long, looking for a mysterious herb to produce gold with.

The next morning, he disappeared forever passing through the door, but left behind a few flakes of gold and a mysterious paper with puzzling symbols and seven Epigraphs, containing the secrets for the 'Philosopher's Stone'.

In the Intro (first track of the album), Marquis Palombara himself tells us of his encounter with the Pilgrim and that he had the Symbols and the Epigraphs engraved on the door, knowing that one day they would be decoded.
The following seven songs are inspired by the planets that the Epigraphs refer to and the refrain of each song is the  translation of each Epigraph.
In the Epilogue, the Pilgrim himself, from the other side of the Door, sings all seven Epigraphs in their original language, Latin.

From celtic and mediterranean sounds to dark folk with exotic nuances, the music style overcomes connotations thanks to an original poetics.

This album is the result of our own journey 'through the Magic Door', guided by its symbols and epigraphs and the infinite and multidimensional imaging they evoke, across traditions, myths and dreams.

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